Brage Sørlie Kaale

For millions of years, wildfires have been a part of the eco-system. Different plant species have developed different ways to survive the flames. Some have shoots that’s ready to sprout right after the fire, others sprout from the smoke of the other plants. Humans have, for centuries, started wildfires to thin out the forest in order to cultivate the soil. The knowledge about how to control the wildfires during spring and fall, has also been important. This to avoid the uncontrollable fires during summer. This was a long time ago, when forests covered larger areas of the earth than today.

When we today produce forests, with unhealthy and unnatural growth of trees, the threat of wildfires increases. Our summers get warmer and drier, and the number of wildfires will increase during the next years. The problem is that we build our houses and live our lives in the areas that are threatened by wildfires. To avoid this, we have to have controllable fires, made by humans.

From the moment a heat source loses control to the rebirth of nature, from death to resurrection. My project represents the uncertainty in human society, and the sovereignty within the forests. For how long can we justify the offenses against nature?