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Resilience — so much more than just perseverance.

We were ready to start the production of our graduation exhibition in March 2020, after two years of photo studies at Bilder Nordic. But the world suddenly fell into a crisis. A crisis that came home to all of us, and that we still don’t know the consequences of. Now, in June, the USA is in uproar because of police violence and racism, which we don’t know the consequences of either, but which we hope will lead to more tolerance and love.

Our message became urgent when the world shut down, a message that encompasses the corona crisis, the crisis in the US, but also personal crises. The crises in life that we all encounter some way or the other, the crises that jerk us out of position, that demand so much of us. We believe that a crisis can be a catalyst for positive evolution and growth. So we asked ourselves: how can we reflect what’s going on through photography, when the world is in crisis mode? The result is 24 views on resilience.

Resilience is the capacity to deal with change, and to continue to develop in interaction with the surroundings. It is about how humans and nature can use shocks and disturbances to spur renewal and innovative thinking. Flexibility, process and diversity are key ingredients. Resilience is about surviving the storm, but also about being vulnerable and humble, and understanding that we are all a part of something greater. Openness and flexibility in the face of a crisis create new and creative solutions, and in this way resilience is built. With compassion towards others and ourselves, as well as the planet, we make room for curiosity and new knowledge.

Together we can use crisis as a catalyst for a better world.

Bilder Nordic School of Photography