Sarah Isabelle Fekete

Look, it’s a mountain,
Hard, rock solid,
Shaped by her, the stronger one,
So it’s force, does it pull on you?
Pull with what strength, the moon?
A dot, are there more?
It has been asked before,
Questions, why do we seek,
Greater than what.

Distinctiveness, we crave,
Differentiate, create,
Conflicting images in this game of existence, you can stop it now,
Repeat, another being I could be,
A knot, fastened too hard for its purpose,
Do you remember?

Mothers, the first time you had something else than her milk,
Before you could see the yard and the trees through the clarity of glass,
And the first time you had something sweet,
And the first time your heart was broken,
And by what?

While the primitive needs of ones body are rooted in existence and reproduction, it is not necessarily our intellects only intentions. We are activated by different stimulators such as our interests, conversations and situations. These elements which we engage through out our lives shape us as individuals. Perhaps the most during the sleeping state of mind, we explore new visions and opportunities.

By processing sensory impressions through the world of dreams, one touches on how dreams function as a bridge between an individual's subconscious and consciousness. The unknown and the familiar get to meet and our mind creates a battleground for these two to explore each other. That is my experience, anyways. A battle between the explored and the pristine. I often wake up with a sense of defeat or victory. Based on wether what I believed was the truth actually matched the truth of my subconscious. Dreaming gives me the opportunity to meditate and ask myself questions that I would not dare to ask in a woken state of mind. This actualisation of the inner state of mind act as a catalyst for the development of mental endurance and strength. The outcome of this spark formes my understanding of events, others and myself.