Sonja Eike Nematinia

The optimal situation for me would be that the technology existed, and that it does all the things that it does. I mean, who knows, maybe it can be developed further and really make a positive and important impact in the future.

I just wish it could have been voluntary. Say if one wanted to exist like the bark beetle - leaving tracks without the tracks leading back to you, that would be awesome. It’s not that I have something to hide,I just want to choose who I share what information with.

I don’t want to get stuck in an echo chamber. I want to be confronted with news and opinions that doesn’t necessarily interest or resonates with me. I want to suddenly stumble upon something beautiful and new and different that I never would have experienced because it’s out of my vision and spectre of knowledge and interests.

I just want the choice to choose to be like the bark beetle.

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